LaFayette and Marie Antoinette – 1789‐1792
French Revolutionary Print

french erotic art 1

Gustave Courbet (1819-1877)

Courbet, a French painter, was known as an innovator in Realism. In the 1860s, Courbet painted a series of erotic art including the painting L’Origine du monde (The Origin of the World). The painting was a close up of a woman’s vagina. Many of his painting were banned from public display.
origin of the world vagina painting

lesbians courbet

Félicien Rops1833 - 23 August 1898

Félicien Rops was a graphic artist born in Belgium and lived most of his adult life in Paris. He published a weekly magazine called Uylenspiegel. Much of his art seemed to be a protest of religion.

rops erotic art 1

rops 2

rops erotic art 3

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rops erotic art 6

Up‐to‐date Young Lady

Up‐to‐date Young Lady was a bestseller written by Helena Varley in the 1920's. The artist has remained anonymous. However, it is thought that they were painted by French artist Paul‐Emile B Ecat. 

french erotic art 2

french erotic art 3

french erotic art 4

french erotic art 5

Bernard Montorguei -19th century
bernard erotic art

bernard erotic art 5

bernard erotic art 2

bernard erotic art 3

bernard erotic art8

Berthomme Saint Andre -19th century

Berthomme Saint Andre

Jean Morisot -19th century
jean morisot

Martin Van Maele -19th century

martin van maele

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